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Dick has been appearing before audiences for over 40 years as an entertainer, motivational speaker and minister/wedding officiant.  His message is one of inspiration and humor.  

As an entertainer, Dick has worked as a singer, musician and comedian.  With his lounge/supper club act, Dick Caldwell & The Celebrities played in 40 states, 8 Canadian provinces and throughout Southeast Asia, including a performance before the King and Queen of Thailand.  He has made appearances with many top performers in the music industry to engagements in Las Vegas, New Orleans, Miami Beach, Atlantic City, London and more than 40 military bases in seven countries.  He has been inspired and influenced by those he has met and worked with.  Dick has performed as a single at holiday brunches at the Holiday Inn, Sheridan, Wyoming and the DoubleTree by Hilton in Grand Junction.  He currently makes his home in Victoria, Texas and is available to perform for local groups.  Information is available at www.onewillgetyoufour.com

Dr. Richard P. (Dick) Caldwell is also an ordained minister and loves to share the joy and happiness of two people who want to commit their lives to each other.  He offers custom wedding ceremonies that are tailored to the needs of the bride and groom, whether it's a conventional ceremony, spiritual…but not "religious," strictly secular or a celebration with metaphysical or New Thought components. For more information, visit www.southtexasweddings.net.


Welcome to my blog (web log).  I hope this new venture will allow me to talk about a wide variety of topics I find interesting, entertaining and sometimes motivational with others who might have similar interests and outlooks.  Some of them might be considered “religious”, some not so much. I have no agenda other than what is on my mind.  Feel free to add a comment to any of the posts. 

Also, if you would like to be notified by email of new postings, just send me an email and put “NOTIFY” in the subject line.  Thanks for your time, input and consideration as I share a potpourri of thoughts, ideas and inspiration from the Wisdom of the Ages.

Dr. Dick Caldwell     dc@dickcaldwell.com

December 10, 2012

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