Power - By Any Name You Choose.

     A great deal of confusion seems to exist in many minds concerning the precise avenue through which realization and harmony are to be attained.  The only solution is to contact the divine Power which dwells within our own soul - call it anything you want; and to bring it to bear upon the various difficulties in our life, taking them in due order, that is, attacking the most urgent first.

     The real remedy for every one of our difficulties is, as we are told on every page of the Bible, to find and know the Indwelling Presence.  It says in Job, "acquaint now thyself with him, and be at peace; thereby good shall lome unto thee."  This then, is the task, and the only one - to find, and consciously know, our own Indwelling Presence (some would call it our Indwelling Lord).  We see then how the confusion disappears, and the perfect simplicity of the whole thing emerges once we realize this fact.

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