I’m baaaack!

First, my apologies for the gap between postings to my blog. I've been dealing with a condition called Guillian Barre, a disease of the nerves. For a detailed description of my experience thus far click on the name. Since I'm still not able to type, I'm using an app called Dragon Dictate that types what I speak.

During this illness I’ve had a lot of time to spend in prayer and meditation and for my first effort back I hope you'll indulge me in sharing an invocation for the future.

To the sun, the moon, the stars in the sky:   May I appreciate you, the mysteries of our universe.

To the earth:   May I honor your fragility just as readily as I draw from your strength and beauty.

To all of the creatures with whom I share this earth:   May I treat you with kindness and always be aware that this is your home too.

To my country:   May I serve and represent you with the dignity and pride you deserve.

To my language:   May I show a devotion to you by carrying a message that will inspire others long after I am silent.

To the wonder of technology:   May I use the opportunity of travel and communication to help draw our world together.

To my mentors:   May I grow to reflect the generous example you have unselfishly set for me.

To my community:   May I contribute my share to ease the pain of those who are hungry or cold or alone.

To my friends:   May I show you compassion and sparking you the laughter that you bring to my life.

To my family:   May be strong enough at every turn to live the values that I humble dear.

To my life partner:   May I nourish our love as a source of energy to look beyond myself.

To my children:   May I, even in old age, continue to fulfill their responsibility of nurturing you are our future.

To myself:   May I recognize that no matter how much I must grow, I am first, still, a miracle.

To my purpose:   May I exercise courage and wisdom, truth and integrity in all I set out to accomplish.

To my challenges:   May I be brave enough to celebrate your demands, and humble enough to learn.

To promise:   May I treasure the moment that is now, and looked tomorrow I trust, believe-and the spirit of imagination.

Thanks to all of you for sticking with me - see you next time.









t the la     © Dick Caldwell 2012