Positive Thinking - Part Two

Last time, I shared my definition of positive thinking and talked about potential. Positive thinking will help you achieve any goal, within your potential.  In a future blog I'll talk about the power of using your sense of humor which is also important when considering thinking positive(ly).

Here is an example:  A man buys a gift for his young son - a bat and a ball. The kid is really excited and spends the whole day practicing. He'd throw the ball up in the air, hit it against the fence, retrieve it, throw it up and hit it again.  He couldn't wait for his daddy to get home to show him what a great batter he was. When his father got home from work the boy said, "Come out and let me show you how good I can hit the ball."  He wouldn't even let him put his briefcase down. The boy threw the ball up in the air, swung the bat, but missed the ball. "Strike one", said his dad. "That's OK", said the boy, "I have two left."  He tossed the ball up again - and missed again. "Strike two", said his dad.l "That's OK, it only takes one", said the boy.

He threw the ball up in the air and concentrated on his stance, he kept his eye on the ball, he swung and followed through so hard that he went right down on his knees, but he missed the ball.  "Strike three", shouted his dad, "your out." The boy got up and brushed off his pants, looked at this daddy and said, "Boy, what a pitcher I am!"  Now that's positive thinking.

In my book, "Positive Power People", I talked about the fact that this concept is not at all new. Positive thinking has been taught for many years - "As you believe, so shall it be" comes to mind. In the 1800"s James Allen wrote "As A Man Thinketh" and, perhaps the best know book of it's type, "The Power of Positive Thinking", was written by Norman Vincent Peale in 1937; both still available.

Positive thinking won't let you do ANYTHING - but positive thinking will let you do EVERYTHING - better than negative thinking will, and, when you think about it, that's really quite a lot.  And cheer up - only 53 days left until spring.

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