Six Suggestions and a Definition

Six Suggestions and a Definition

From time to time I like to draw from material that I’ve used either in sermons or from talks I presented when I worked as a motivational speaker.  Today is one of those times and I’m sharing with you six suggestions for making a difference (don’t we all want to do that?) …

Gratitude: A Silent, Unspoken Prayer

The word gratitude is defined by Webster as the quality of feeling or being grateful. Gratitude is the giving of thanks, not one day a year, but every day, every minute, and with every breath.  …

A Christmas Story (for after Christmas)

This is one of my infrequent blogs where I borrow the content from someone, or someplace, else.  What follows is from Dr. Carl Hammerschlag’s blog. I met him a couple of times at National Speakers Association conventions, enjoyed his talks as well as his books, “The Dancing Healers”, “The Theft of the Spirit” and others, all available at Amazon - or look him up at

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