The Value of Failure

Some people will go to any lengths to avoid failure.  Please understand from the onset I am not advocating failure for failure’s sake.  I am however going to suggest that without failure it is very difficult, if not impossible, to accomplish great things.  That may sound like a strange paradox, but most of life is, so why shouldn’t the concepts of failure and success be included?

After over 50 years running businesses, working internationally as a speaker and night club entertainer, I have made a discovery.  Show me someone who has never failed at anything and I will show you someone who always plays it safe, never stretches and is willing to accept the status quo, whatever that means to them.

Show me someone who has succeeded at anything and I will show you someone who goes for the gold, shoots for the stars and is willing to pick themselves up off the floor again and again until they achieve their dreams.  Dreams can change, goals can change, circumstances can change, conditions can change.  But the inner drive to overcome, accomplish, win, contribute or just feel the glow of personal satisfaction can never be dampened in those who have come to this life believing that they are here to win at something, or everything, and they understand that to overcome, they will go around it, dig under it or fly over it - but obstacles are there to test their resolve and commitment, not to stop them.  These people understand that they might not make it over the first time or the second of even the 10th but as long as they have the health required they will win the day - and there are many people who have even overcome personal health challenges on their way to success as well.

These people use their failure as assignments in the classroom of life.  They see these setbacks as required to learn how to do it better, faster, slower, sooner, later…whatever.

How about you?  Ever failed?  If so, what was our reaction or response to it?  Failing at something now?  How are you feeling?  What are you doing about it?  What are you learning?  How are you responding?

Or, are you the type who plays it safe?  Someone who never goes after a new relationship for fear it might fail?  Never goes after a new career for fear it might not work out?  Never tries to change anything because you lack clear understanding of the value of failure while traveling life’s path?;

You have less to lose by trying than not trying.  And you have a great deal to gain if you will just go for it.

On a personal note:  If my mother was still with us, she would be 114-years-old today.  Happy Birthday, mom.

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