Choosing The Possible

You have heard of possibilities. But have you heard of availabilities? If possibilities describe that which could be, then availabilities describe that which already is. An old story tells of a tourist who paused for a rest in a small town in the mountains. He went over to an old man sitting on a bench in front of the general store asked, “Friend, can you tell me something this town is noted for? “  “Well”, the old-timer answered, “I don't rightly know,’ cept that it's the starting point to the world.” “Excuse me?” Said the newcomer. “Yep,” the old man continued,” you can start here and go anywhere you want.”

Many people don't believe that. They feel hopelessly trapped in their life. They don't believe they can go anywhere they want. They think their options are limited to availabilities. They consider what is available and discard their choices in discouragement. Other people believe that they can start from where they are and go anywhere they want. Their options are limited only by their imaginations. They consider what is possible and pursue their choice with vigor.

The master teacher Jesus certainly knew what was available, but he also saw the possibilities; the possibilities of people becoming better, and through his teachings, he showed them how. If you've been feeling stuck – in a situation or in your life – perhaps you’re confusing availabilities and possibilities. As you make the choices in your life, remember, you are not alone.

This is not a just world. It's just a world. It's a world of pain and hurt, tragedy, loneliness, poverty, dishonesty and even death. Though it also contains beauty and glory, we numb ourselves when we refuse to see the wholeness and that I is of the world. Woven into every life are all shades of pain and joy, sadness and gladness, births and deaths.

Let us seek the courage to know and face the world we are given; the strength to decide to live in it anyway. And even the audacity to find holiness in all the truths of our life. And when that holiness is hard to discern, may we find friends who will stand with us, and will love us, and hold us and remind us of the possible. That's the way I see it.

t the la     © Dick Caldwell 2012