Easier Than It May Seem

     One of my readers wrote to me recently saying, "I really enjoy your blog but every now and then I read something I've heard, or read, before."

     When I started this project I never intended for everything to be original. Perhaps there is value if sometimes I refresh your memory to something that I hope might be meaningful.  This offering might come under that category. As NBC used to say during summer re-runs, "If you haven't seen it, it's new to you."  Enjoy it (again?) and, with me, look forward to "The Three B's" coming next time.

     A traveler once passed three workers at a construction site.  The traveler asked the first worker, “What are you doing?”  The worker told him, “I’m moving bricks.”

     The traveler asked the second worker the same question, “What are you doing?”  The second worker replied, “I’m building a wall.”

     Then the traveler asked the third man, the same question.  “I,” the third man replied “am building a cathedral.”

     The answer was just as accurate as the others, but far more meaningful.  You, too, can choose whether you are just moving around bricks, or building your own cathedral.  It is easier than it may seem.  When you want to accomplish something, begin with the end in mind.

     By thinking about the goal first you can make sure that everything you do helps you get there. If you instead get too caught up in specifics, you can lose sight of why you are doing it at all.

     That attitude of paying attention to your goals can make such a difference.

t the la     © Dick Caldwell 2012