"Very good read,  I so believe in Phil's believing does work,I have been told I am a listener, but I never thought not all people are,   thx once again, you make our brains work!”  Edna

"Lists are good - I like your list.”  Edna, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"Thanks for sharing…I had no idea".  Larry Schuck, Phoenix (on Colonel Sanders)

"Who knew? Good story."  Carol, Vermont (on Colonel Sanders)

"I really like your latest blog posting, Dick.  Actually, I like all of them that you've done but of course, dogs hit me in a really soft spot as they do you and many others."          Johnny Thorson, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

",,,thanks for the blog...your story hit me where I live....I am going to use a tree by my house for the same reason...i usually carry those troubles home with me and it definitely benefits no one !! "Bob, Missouri

"Thanks Dick, I enjoy your insights.  Blessings,"        Arlene Phelan, Sedona, AZ

"very nice...I added whitmans quote to my gmail signature"      Dr. Robert Nelson, Kansas City, MO

"Soooooo well said!  You are my inspiration...…!!   Keep it are doing great things for the psyche."        Marga Hermann, Vero Beach, FL

"Beautiful Dick, thank you!   Hope you and Linda are doing well".   M.

"Well done on your latest blog posting: " Be My Valentine, Or Would You Rather Have a Root Canal?"  As one who spends much time selecting the right card for the right occasion and the right recipient, I'm in total agreement for making up our own messages.  I seldom, if ever, send out a card without my own personal message as I see no point to giving/sending one with a generic Hallmark sentiment."   Sammy S.  Canada

Thanks, Dick. The prayer is beautiful. /I printed the prayer off and will read it tonight prior to dinner. Bill and I are invited to join an elderly couple, (84 and 88 years old) with their children.  Anneli, Victoria,  Canada

Beautiful, Dick, thanks for sharing your Easter prayer.  Marga, Florida

Thx I really like this one and I think I live by several of the items 😇

Good stuff, my friend. 

Good stuff!!      Thanks and AMEN  Harry Kring, Pennsylvania

Thank you! I liked it very much again, Dr. Anneli Driessen, B.C., Canada


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