Improving Relationships

How a person interacts with others can indeed be a key factor in whether their life is failing or succeeding. I have come to realize that it is not necessarily how bright one may be intellectually that assures success but how one gets along with others.  In a corporate atmosphere, this might be known as being a “team player.”  At times, this can present a dilemma for a spiritual and idealistic person, as many times what may be good for a corporation may not be good for the general public or consumer. Thus, at times the conscience of a person may rebel.

Oftentimes there is a fine line between getting along and the inner need to do what you feel is right.  Such decisions are not confined to those in the board room but sift down to the blue collar worker and the union member.  It is not restricted to one’s vocation but may also find its way into social and family relationships.  Indeed, wherever a relationship with one or more people exists, there may be challenges facing you to keep peace and harmony while attempting to improve the relationship.  Idealistically, one tries not to go against their conscience while continuing to improve a relationship.  Often it is a matter of timing, knowing when to or when not to say something.  Sometimes it is not necessarily what you say but how you say it.  With a misspoken word, a longstanding relationship – even one of many years – could be jeopardized. 

Many people are sensitive to either good or negative energy.  Therefore, your interaction with them should be handled with the gentlest of care.  On occasion a person may cross your life’s path that will not reject you no matter what is said.  This, however, as you know, is the exception rather than the rule.  The spiritually aware person has a decided advantage in improving relations with others.  The main thing, as always, is to get one’s personal ego-self out of the way, as the personal ego-self usually is that part of a person’s nature that gets defensive and negative in its interactions with others.  Also requiring consideration is the need to choose wisely  which individuals or groups of people with whom you desire to associate.  Much grief can be avoided if you do not allow the wrong individuals or groups to become a part of your life.  Conversely, much happiness can be gained in relationships with others if you choose wisely in your choice of who to let into your life.

t the la     © Dick Caldwell 2012