Making A Difference - Part 4

Have you ever had a dead battery in your car?   You probably had to get a jump, right? And then, what?  The battery had to get charged.

Moving from where you are to where you want to be can happen in a moment, as long as you know where you are. …

Making A Difference - Part 3 - Acknowledgment

Welcome back.  A few readers have contacted me saying my blogs are a bit long for them; I think they might be right so I will try to make them shorter so you can read them quicker. Also, I welcome any comments you'd like to make.

Making A Difference - Part 2

I wonder how many of you feel you deserve more appreciation at work, or from your spouse, or from your kids? Think of a time in your life when someone acknowledged you for your work, for your humor, for your caring.  …

Making A Difference - Part 1

Let me tell you about a lady who works with the forgotten people on the streets of Los Angeles. Willie Jordon, and her husband, Fred, took the inner-city’s crushing needs personally. They felt they couldn’t stand by while people were being buried by drugs, alcohol, violence and other abuses.

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