Years ago my career included giving presentations to corporations and associations as a motivational humorist.  During this time I was a member of the National Speakers Association and attended many conventions and workshops.  One of many interesting, successful and helpful people I met was Bill McGrane from Cincinnati.  Bill was a warm, open and sincere person who specialized in programs on self-esteem.  He had business card sized cards that he handed out to share his "30 Day Action Plan To Achieve Sound Self-Esteem."  This takes the form of six daily affirmations.  I came across this little card recently and realized they are still relivent so I thought I'd share them on my blog.  Low self-esteem hinders the success path for many people and especially can be a problem for young people.  Maybe you know someone who would benefit from these affirmations.

     1)  I now accept myself totally and unconditionally.

     2)  I am now free of all self destructive criticism.

     3)  I now have unconditional warm regards for all persons at all times.

     4)  I now khow that I am 100% alive by thinking, speaking, and acting with great enthusiasm.

     5)  I am now completely self determined and I allow others the same right.

     6)  I now release all comparisons with myself and others. 

I want to add one of my own - one that I use constantly:

     "All things are now working together for my highest good and the good of all."

Thanks for allowing me to share.

t the la     © Dick Caldwell 2012